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Valorant Act 3 Battle Pass: release date, cost, weapon skins, and more

There's a new Battle Pass coming to Valorant in Act 3 and that means new skins and additional cosmetics to unlock.
Valorant Act 3 Battle Pass: release date, cost, weapon skins, and more

The end of Episode 1 in Valorant is coming to a close with the release of Act 3 next Tuesday, 13 October. This will be the final iteration of the Episode which means Riot Games wants to go out with a bang. Already, we've seen the reveal of a brand new map, Icebox, and some leaks regarding a new Agent, Skye. However, some fans might be more interested in the cosmetic side of things. 

Valorant battle pass skins
(Picture: Riot Games)

Of course, as with any Act, a fresh Battle Pass is arriving in Valorant. Riot developers have confirmed some of the Pass' additions in a blog post released earlier today. However, they didn't cover everything that you need to know. 

The Valorant Episode 1 Act 3 Battle Pass

As per usual, there will be 50 tiers, plus Epilogue tiers, to unlock for this Act's Battle Pass. These tiers can either be purchased with Valorant Points or ground through by playing matches and completing weekly challenges. Riot confirmed the return of challenges but did state they were "revamped." 

Valorant Battle Pass(Picture: Riot Games)

There doesn't appear to be a clear theme with the Act 3 Battle Pass but there are cosmetics to match the new Icebox map.

This includes the Act 3 exclusive Gun Buddy "Chilly McFreeze." Other exclusives include the "Radianite Hazard" Player Card and a new Viper Spray. 

In regards to the Battle Pass' big-ticket items, being the skins, we don't have a ton of information. However, Riot did release a small sample size of some of the skins players can expect to unlock.

How much is the Valorant Act 3 battle pass?

The Act 3 Battle Pass will have the same 1,000 Valorant Points price tag as in Act's past. This translates to $10 and is the standard price across the industry.

Players can expect to progress somewhat slowly (around 100 hours) through the 50 tiers but this is to ensure no one completes the pass too early. 

Valorant Act 3 battle pass weapon skins

The Act 3 battle pass will have three seperate skin collections as well as a series of gun buddies, player cards and sprays.

Electroflux skin collection

Valorant act 3 battle pass skins
Jade skin collection

Run skin collection

Valorant act 3 battle pass skins
Battle pass gun buddies
valorant battle pass skins