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Fnatic Clean Sweepes EG To Win Valorant Masters Tokyo

Fnatic wins Valorant Masters 2023 to become the first team to win back-to-back VCT tournaments.
Fnatic Clean Sweepes EG To Win Valorant Masters Tokyo

Valorant Masters 2023 has concluded, and Fnatic has picked their second VCT trophy after LOCK//IN becoming the first team to win two trophies back to back. Fnatic played the Final against EG in a best-of-five game and beat them by 3-0 by pulling off an insane comeback on the third map, Bind. With this win, they have also secured an extra slot for EMEA in Champions 2023. 

The first map was Lotus, and it started off with Fnatic winning four rounds back to back after the pistol around, but the scoreline was matched instantly after that, and the first half ended up with 6-6 on the board. However, Fnatic just dominated on the defensive side and let EG win only two rounds in the second half, even though Lotus is considered an attack sided map to take the lead in the series.

In the second map Split, Fnatic dominated in the first half by putting 8-4 on the board; however, in the second half, EG won five rounds consecutively to take the lead, hoping to even out the series point. It was important for EG to win Split as it was their map pick, and the next map Bind was banned by them continuously throughout the tournament. However, Fnatic shattered these hopes by winning five out of the remaining seven rounds to win Split by 13-11. 

The third and final map was Fnatic's pick and was expected to be an easy win for the team; however, EG shattered them even after running Reyna and Chamber in their comp. The score after the first half was 8-4, and EG was getting closer to winning the map to stay alive in the series and reached 10-4. However, Fnatic started an incredible comeback run after that by first closing out the scoreline gap by winning the next three rounds.

Evil Geniuses extended it back again by putting 12-7 on the board, and from there, they were expected to win the map; however, Fnatic took it away from them by winning all of the remaining rounds to take the map to overtime with Alfajear playing a major role in this. EG then didn't have a chance in overtime as Fnatic destroyed them to win the map by 14-12 and the tournament without losing any series. 

Fnatic will now play at Valorant Champions in Los Angeles to fight for the Champions trophy.