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GeT_RiGhT announces move into content creation, Twitch to be his home

The legendary CS:GO player has started a new chapter in his gaming career.
GeT_RiGhT announces move into content creation, Twitch to be his home

Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund has finally revealed the next chapter in his career with the 30-year old announcing that he would be pursuing streaming full-time on Twitch.

The announcement on January 16th via his Twitch channel comes after weeks of speculation with many pegging him for a move to competitive Valorant.

The former professional CS:GO player had spent the last few weeks dropping hints about his next move in a series of highly-produced videos that celebrated the Swede's career, however, one in particular that name-checked Valorant, led many to believe that a switch to Riot's competing tactical shooter was imminent.

Valorant Get_RigHt
(Picture: GeT_RiGhT)

But the Swede, who in his pomp was considered one of the best CS:GO players in the world, had cited his health (he suffers from Crohn's disease) as being one of the main factors in his decision to step back from competitive CS:GO. A move to Valorant, while boasting a less gruelling schedule for players, clearly didn't appeal.

Get_right twitch streamer(Picture: ESL)

The clues to GeT_RiGhT's next move were there if you looked, especially in his final teaser trailer dropped on 15th January. A previous teaser had revealed a lit-up Valorant gun cabinet, his final now showed there were also cabinets for League of Legends, CS:GO, Cyberpunk 2077, and Call of Duty: Warzone.

GeT_RiGhT will hope that his legendary career in CS:GO, will translate to success in streaming, a path blazed most successfully by Michael "shroud" Grzesiek who has become one of Twitch's biggest stars.

GeT_RiGhT isn't starting from scratch though, he was streamed on and off on Twitch for years, almost exclusively playing CS:GO, and already boasts 578K followers.

In a video released to Dignitas' YouTube channel, GeT_RiGhT confirmed that he would remain part of Dignitas, and also spoke of his ambitions to create a viewer experience on his Twitch channel like no other.