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Hiko confirms 100 Thieves' intention to enter First Strike Valorant tournament amid lack of players

The organisation has been struggling to cement themselves in the Valorant scene and recently made some adjustments to their roster looking to improve.
It took little time for Riot Games to announce the future of Valorant tournaments after the Ignition Series wrapped up in North America, with the First Strike event coming very soon.

As teams look to get back on the saddle and try to practice for another official Riot sponsored competition, an organisation that's still in the middle of rebuilding their Valorant presence is 100 Thieves.

(Photo: DreamHack)

With the signing of CSGO star Spencer "Hiko" Martin, early predictions put the team as one to look out for, however, as the squad consistently underperformed at every tournament, management decided to cut the entirety of the roster besides Hiko.

After bringing recognisable figures like Joshua "Steel" Nissan and Nicholas "Nitr0" Cannella, 100 Thieves is two shy away from having a complete roster, however, this isn't stopping their desires to enter the First Strike tournament.

During his most recent Twitch stream, Hiko mentioned that 100T is looking to participate in Valorant's First Strike tournament.

"We are planning to, yes, it just depends on when and where and who we sign to the team, but we do plan on it."

First Strike, the first Riot organised international event trying to crown the best teams from regions like Asia, North America, Europe, and Latin America, is set to start in October, so whatever plans 100 Thieves has to improve their squad, they must act fast if they don't want to be left out.