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HyP responds after Dafran's lifetime ban from Solary's Valorant tournaments

The former Overwatch League players clashed over a scheduling conflict that led to the Danish player exploding against the Frenchman.
HyP responds after Dafran's lifetime ban from Solary's Valorant tournaments

From his ban in the Overwatch scene for encouraging griefing and throwing matches, to getting a permaban from Solary's Valorant events just a few days ago, Daniel "Dafran" Francesca is never far from controversy.


dafran harassment hyp valorant solary ban tournamnet
(Picture: Darfan, Hyp)


The Danish streamer and his team, Prodigy, consisting of Oscar "Mixwell" Cañellas, Adil "Scream" Benrlitom, Jacob "Pyth" Mourujärvi, and Bayram "Bramz" Ben Redjeb was set to play in the semifinals of the Solary Cup against HypHypHyp, a team led by former Overwatch League flex support, Damien “HyP” Souville.

While Prodigy's players didn't show up, HypHypHyp was waiting on the lobby at 4:30 pm, as it was announced, with HyP tweeting at Dafran they were ready to start the set.



An agreement was made between both teams and Solary, in which HypHypHyp would play the best-of-three set with a one map advantage to avoid going overtime. This didn't sit well with Dafran.

In a now-deleted Twitch stream, the former Atlanta Reign star claimed: “Fuck the Solary Tournament on Valorant. Bunch of cry baby bitches, doesn’t prove who is the best. Only who is favoured by the French organizers.”

After not only verbally abusing Hyp and the organisation, he incited his followers to berate the French player, leaving Solary no option but to enforce a strong punishment on the 26-year-old.



Dafran's gut reaction immediately followed, prompting fans to continue the harassment against HyP and his teammates.



Following the barrage of abuse, HyP finally took to social media to explain the context of the situation, explaining that the schedule was never changed, and the match was always set to take place on 4.30 on the 16th May.



"We had our semifinals at 4:30 pm, it was planned since Monday by the tournament organizer and me and my team never asked the org to change the time, opponents team were misinformed, and I have nothing to do with that," he stated.

The Frenchman continued by explaining how Dafran was streaming when the match was set to start, with his chat reminding him of the tournament, advice he decided to brush off. "I did a tweet where I mention him to confirm the fact we were supposed to play."

This delay is what led Solary giving HypHypHyp a one map advantage and Dafran's rant, with the organisers taking matters into their own hands by disqualifying Prodigy.

HyP, however, talked to members of Prodigy and the organisers, saying "it would be cool to move the final originally planned at 4 pm later so we could play our semifinal at 4 pm this Sunday. They accepted, but without Dafran, for obvious reasons.

Solary and Prodigy, who he was playing with on an invite basis, have both permanently banned Dafran from any of their events.

Finally, Damien closed out his statement by calling out Dafran's behaviour, stating that "encouraging his community to trash talk the opponent teams on social media, this is harassment, and this has nothing to do in esports." 

The match was eventually played, with Prodigy coming out on top 2-1.