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Is Valorant down? Players report server connection issues on July 13

Valorant players are reporting that they are getting kicked out of their Valorant matches on 13th July 2021. Here's what we know about this server issue.
Valorant servers are currently experiencing outages, and players are being kicked out of their games.

According to several reports from Valorant players on the Valorant subreddit, the game is currently unavailable for playing, as players are getting kicked out of their games and are getting a "connection error" message, indicating that there are some issues with the servers.

valorant connection error servers down
(Picture: Valorant)

Valorant servers are down

On Tuesday, 13th July, Valorant players are reporting massive server issues across all regions.

It seems that players are being kicked out of their games, or randomly disconnecting and reconnecting.

"Literally got scammed of a win, got kicked 7 times, seemed like only me and my duo got kicked, enemies only got kicked like once or twice," reported Reddit user ihatedmyname.

Other players are reporting that they are getting penalties for leaving games and queue dodging, despite not being responsible for that as servers as crashing.

"Same error, got a 2h penalty because of it and a 7 days ban from ranked," wrote Monika0821.

At the moment we advise you not to try to play the game, as you can be penalized for leaving even if it is not your fault. It is best to wait and check if the servers are up again and running properly, and then you can continue to play the game.

We will update the story as soon as we find out more information about the current outage. At the time of writing, Riot still hasn't acknowledged the issue.