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Kyedae admits she "took it too far" after body-shaming Envy's Crashies during Masters Berlin co-stream

The 100 Thieves content creator called Crashies a "scrawny f*ck" during her Masters Berlin co-stream.
Kyedae admits she "took it too far" after body-shaming Envy's Crashies during Masters Berlin co-stream

100 Thieves signed Twitch streamer Kyedae Shymko has responded after being criticised for her harsh words against Envy Valorant player Austin "crashies" Roberts, body-shaming him on stream, calling the FPS player a "scrawny f*ck."

The situation unfolded during the match between Envy and Sentinels at Masters Berlin, in which the two-time Master winners were beaten with relative ease by Crashies and co. 

Kyedae has naturally a strong bias in favour of Sentinels, as she's currently in a relationship with Jett ace Tyson "TenZ" Ngo, and it seems, emotions got the best of her while watching TenZ be knocked out of the event, as she would admit after the fact.

"I did get toxic. I will not lie to you. I 100% did, and you guys know how I make jokes about, like, certain players being scrawny or noodle arms per say," Kyedae stated, explaining that players like G2's Cista "keloqz" Wassim even follow her on Twitter, implying they're aware it's banter.

The 100 Thieves content creator admitted she was out of line. (Picture: Kyedae)

"People take it way too seriously, overly hurt and soft, but it's okay, because the people that I talk about like that,  but it comes to a certain point where I took it too far 100%," she added.

Envy's Jaccob "yay" Whiteaker called her out via social media, saying "it's messed up" to personally insult Crashies appearance, a player that has had to deal with food allergies in the past.

TenZ didn't remain silent during this controversy, reacting to Yay's tweet by bringing up a past quarrel with Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen, the former FaZe Clan and now Envy player who once claimed, he'd "f*ck TenZ girlfriend at the next LAN."

Marved was quick to add he already apologised and was under the impression it was water under the bridge since the comments were made almost a year ago.

Envy will play in Valorant Champions. (Picture: Envy)

Eventually, Kyedae herself replied to Yay, explaining she respect the Envy player for sticking up to his teammate, and that she already privately apologised to Crashies directly.

Whether you think the Valorant community is "soft" for criticising Crashie the way she did is up for debate, however, all parties reacted professionally during a situation that could've potentially gotten out of hand.

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