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Valorant leaker claims Cypher set for post-death nerf in v1.11

Breaking embargo Valorant Leaks claims Cypher is set to be majorly nerfed in the next Valorant patch v1.1.
Valorant leaker claims Cypher set for post-death nerf in v1.11

Update: Valorant v1.11 is now out and the Cypher nerf has proved to be correct. Check out the full patch notes here.

Valorant's latest update, version 1.11, is expected to be released on 27th October with Skye Agent and Icebox coming to ranked matches the only confirmed changes we know so far.

Well at least officially, as it appears several publications and influencers have been given prior access to at least some of the patch notes with Twitter user ValorLeaks aka Valorant Leaks claiming that Cypher, that all-seeing menance, is set to recieve a major nerf.

Cypher nerf v1.11 patch notes
(Picture: Riot Games)

Valorant Leaks has subsequently deleted his Tweet after saying "screw it" and deciding to post in spite of an embargo placed upoun him. So take the next piece of information with a pinch of salt, not because Valorant Leaks isn't accurate (he is), but he may be playing the master troll.

Valorant leak cypher v1.11 nerf
(Picture: Twitter)

So assuming the information is correct Cypher's post-death impact on the game will vanish with his trip wires not only disabling but becoming visible to players (The visability point is mute but it could inform where the opposing Cypher is setting his wires for future rounds).

Valorant Tripwire cypher nerf v1.1
(Picture: Mobalytics)

This should make rotations between bomb sites quicker and safer for teams when Cypher is known to be out of the picture, and may make the highly picked Agent a less enticing prospect.

Valorant Leaks also claimed that Cypher's cams would also become visibile post-death, again useful to know for future rounds without having much bearing on the current one.

This information lines up with what we previously have heard from the developers regarding planned nerfs to the Sentinel category of Agents which Cypher belongs to. Designed to help combat the current defender advantage.

Killjoy is also set to get a nerf and it wouldn't be hard to see a world where her abilities too are made redundant on her death.

Whether this leaked nerf proves to be true has yet to be seen but we won't have to wait long to find out with the leaker posting a screengrab of an apparent communication with Riot Games saying not to share this information before 6 am PT (9 am ET / 1 pm GMT). 


Check back with us then for more information on the latest Valorant patch.