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Valorant leak reveals Escalation game mode coming in v2.03

The developers have always stated their intention to add more game modes and the next one could be heading to the game soon, named Escalation.
Valorant leak reveals Escalation game mode coming in v2.03

The next update for Valorant, v2.03, is just around the corner, likely drop in the next couple of days.

Some of the changes forthcoming are already known with comments from the developers confirming that the Frenzy is set to get a price increase from 400 credits to 500, with the Stinger's range set to be reduced. Both guns have become "meta" and not in a particularly healthy way so these changes are welcomed.

Other changes further down the line around toxic communications and AFK players are also confirmed with increased punishments, better detection of such behaviour, and feedback to those that report troublesome players also in the works.

However, even though Riot has been forthcoming about these changes that doesn't mean that is all that they have planned - at least if a certain leak is to believed - with information coming to light that a new game mode "Escalation" is set to enter the game in v2.03.

Valorant escalation game mode v2.03
(Picture: Riot Games)

The leak comes courtesy of the Arabic language version of the official Valorant site which appears to have jumped the gun by posting the information.

This will Valorant's fourth game mode after the standard, Spike Rush and deathmatch modes.

A rough translation of the page reveals a 5v5 game mode with no rounds per se. Teams will rise through twelve levels by killing the other team, each level must be completed with different weapons. Players can replenish their health by picking up "health bags" that drop from down opponents.

Escalation Gear
(Picture: ValorLeaks)

It appears that respawns will be enabled.

It's expected to come out with v2.03, interestingly the Arabic page mentions it only being available for a limited time.

Leaked Escalation rules

  • 5v5 gameplay
  • 12 Escalation Levels (each level has a specific weapon or ability)
    • The win goes to the team that finishes the 12 levels, or who reach the highest level in 10 minutes.
    • The team as a whole must earn 7 points in each level to move to the next level
      • Killing in the current level earns 1 point
      • Killing in a previous level earns 0.5 points
  • Each player has an individual weapon level that they work to complete
    • You will have to achieve at least 1 kill using each weapon to unlock the next weapon level
    • Your squad will still be able to advance on Escalation Levels even if you are within an older weapon level
    • Example: Your team can be at Level 4, with the possibility of you remaining being "stuck" at Weapon Level 1 (let's say it's a Vandal Weapon), until you achieve 1 kills with that weapon. You will then advance to Weapon Level 2, not directly to Level 4.
  • Matches are 7-9 minutes long
  • Operator abilities that are based on your character's choice cannot be used. Rather, only basic abilities can be used by all players during the match (see Gear section below)
  • Fast reboots (with immunity to damage in the first 5 seconds)

Escalation Gear

  • Level 1: Always either the Ray's Rocket Launcher Capability or Vandal / Phantom Weapon
  • Level 2: Always either Vandal or Phantom.
  • Levels 3-11: a variety of weapons and abilities
  • Level 12: possibly shorty, classic, knife, stun arrow ... or even a snowball thrower
  • Health: A health bag is dropped upon death and expires in 10 seconds

Gain Experience Escalation Points

Play the game, and you'll get 800 experience points for completing each match, plus 200 experience points when you win.