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Messages surface showing Valorant cheaters getting banned and it is pretty funny

Valorant's anti-cheat might be controversial but at least it seems to be working.
Messages surface showing Valorant cheaters getting banned and it is pretty funny

Vanguard, the anti-cheat system for Riot's new tactical shooter - Valorant - has come under fire for being highly intrusive - raising privacy and security fears.

It has led many to ask "is it all worth it?", especially as there have been countless examples of players running into cheaters in the game.

The fact is anti-cheat systems usually improve over time and it looks like Vanguard has started banning players if a leaked Discord chat is to be believed.

Brought to light by Reddit user OWPD who says he had been "monitoring" a chat used by the cheaters and it appears to show them slowly realise they have all been banned.

"Yikes," "KappaPride" can be seen saying in the chat, "got banned."

Valorant aimbot discord
(Picture: OWPD)


A number of other cheaters confirm they have also been banned. Going off the comments the cheat seems to be an aimbot for Valorant as one user, named "ice", says:

"Yes I noticed the problem aiming above head, so I switched to spine, much better really."

Adding: "wait wtf, I got banned too, I think I just got banned."


discord valorant aimbot aimhack how to hack in Valorant how to cheat in Valorant
(Credit: OWPD)

Justice has been served you little shi....

Cheaters aren't known to be the smartest of people but one particular comment really takes the biscuit.

"Idk im done with valorant," says gamer69, "tons of cheaters tbh, their anti-cheat is pretty terrible atm as far as I can tell."


Valorant wallhack discord
(Picture: OWPD)


I mean where do you start with that?

The chat does reveal more than just the cheaters' stupidity though with one user commentating that they were banned while playing a ranked match, and even an account that they used, that they have never cheated on, was banned - showing that hardware or IP bans may already be in place for those caught cheating.

The chat also appears to contain the admin or creator of the cheat, with it likely to be a paid-for cheat, with one reference to "my customers" in a leaked direct message thread.

He informs users that the cheat's status has changed to "TEST".

"U can use cheat at ur own risk," he says to a bunch of banned cheaters.

Riot has been taking cheating seriously in Valorant, with an anti-cheat system that is always on and has complete access to your computer, a "feature" that has become an issue with some players. 

Riot has responded to complaints though by giving users more control over the Vanguard system when not in use by Valorant, and have introduced cash bounties for anyone who can hack into the controversial anti-cheat.