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Ninja clutches Valorant ace with insane play

Proving once again that he’s an incredible first-person shooter player, Ninja saves his team with an insane 5 kill clutch in Riot Games’ Valorant.
Ninja clutches Valorant ace with insane play

Even in a team of talented players, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins can steal the spotlight, as evidenced by a recent clip of him saving the day for his squad. Playing as Omen in Riot Games’ Valorant, the streamer was 1v5 against the entire enemy team and still managed to come out on top.

During a close game at the Diamond/Immortal rank, Ninja was the last man standing for his team. Using Omen’s blind and teleport combo, the player snuck past three enemies, only to take them all down with the Judge in just two shots.

Grabbing a Phantom from a fallen enemy, Ninja then picked off the Phoenix player who was watching the site from long range. Then it was just "FIERCE1", the enemies team’s Sova, remaining. Despite the fellow Immortal rank sneaking in from behind, Ninja picks him off before either player even see each other, with an incredibly clutch shot directly through his own smoke.

Ninja Ace Valorant Clutch Hiko Shroud
(Picture: ESPAT Media via Getty Images)

This round was just nuts, and 100 Thieves Spencer "Hiko" Martin, who knows a thing or two about clutching, reacts accordingly. Ninja heads directly to the top fragger position and evens the overall score to 6 - 6. His skill actually even brings in the accusations of cheating, and it’s clear to see why.



“This guy is insane!” Hiko exclaims to his viewers. “What more could he do?”

Of course, for every incredible Valorant play, there’s one that was a little more lacking. Those who watched Michael "shroud" Grzesiek, who recently returned to Twitch, playing alongside Ninja recently might also remember this clip:

Now that Ninja is beginning to return to the streaming scene, fans will be sure to tune in to see both the highs and lows of his Valorant career. We’re eager to see what the future has in store for the talented player, and what rage-inducing moments will also surely come his way.