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NRG Android's Valorant account hacked; racist texts sent to Shazam and other pros

NRG Android apologizes after his Valorant account got hacked, and racist messages were sent to Shazam and other players.
NRG Android, the professional Valorant player for NRG, recently revealed that his Valorant account was hacked, and the hacker has sent racist comments to Shazam and maybe a bunch of other players. 

He apologized to everyone and further said that he has taken measures to ensure the safety of his account and has full control over it again. 

"Sick to my stomach. Feel so unsafe in this cyber world man." Android further tweeted.

On 9th October, when Shazam was streaming Valorant on Twitch, the hacker spammed racist texts, which instantly shocked Shazam. "Wait, did Android get hacked?" was his first question as he immediately turned off his screen share.

You can have a look at what exactly happened on Shazam's stream by jumping to the 06:27:55 timestamp.

Various users replied to his tweeted supporting him, including SRN Glorinsz, the CEO and founder of Team Serenity, who replied, "Yup, great fucking world let's hack one of the nicest guys accounts to make him look like an absolute dickhead, sorry to hear this Brad anyone who actually knows you know you wouldn't have done that."

Similarly, NRG Flexinja explained that he is always scared of these things.


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Featured image courtesy of Android and Shazam.