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Omen paranoia trick allows you to jump over Sage's wall

Valorant players have found a brilliant yet simple way to use Omen's paranoia ability to leap over Sage's barrier orb.
Omen paranoia trick allows you to jump over Sage's wall

Although the game is only in closed beta, Valorant is already very popular, with a number of esports organizations signing players and tournaments springing up as fans of the game push to enjoy the game ever more competitively

And it's this competitive drive that has seen players constantly searching for new and game-changing ways of using the abilities of the games various Agents.


Omen Paranoia boost jump
This boost jump could make Omen a more viable Agent. (Picture: Riot Games)


The latest discovery shows how you can use Omen's paranoia, usually a flashbang style ability, can be used to jump-boost over obstacles such as as Sage's Barrier Orb.


paranoia jump over sage wall from VALORANT


To successfully pull this off might take a bit of practice, but should be within the skill-level of most users.

Simply press Q to activate Paranoia, before crouch-jumping.


paranoia jump over sage wall from VALORANT


In the Reddit thread that this was brought to light there was a debate whether this was a bug or a feature but with Omen not the most popular Agent, and Paranoia far from the most useful ability many hope to see this stay in to increase Omen's viability in competitive play.



Omen's Paranoia costs 200 credits and you can only carry one, so deciding when to use this during a round will be key.

So get into the practice mode and give this some reps you never know when jumping a Sage's recently put up Barrier Orb will get