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Valorant: Omen Agent guide - abilities, strategies, tips and tricks

Omen is a mysterious, stealthy character who possesses the power of teleportation - here’s everything we know about the Valorant Agent.
Valorant: Omen Agent guide - abilities, strategies, tips and tricks

Valorant is now in it's closed beta and that means more hands-on time with each of the agents. Each of the Valorant agents has unique abilities, and knowing these abilities like the back of your hand will help you succeed in Riot's new tactical shooter. 

One of the defining aspects will be the new Agent characters, who much like Overwatch, possess different abilities and strengths in combat.

Eight have been confirmed for launch in summer later this year, so here’s everything we know so far about one of the most intriguing, Omen,

Omen is yet to be officially unveiled by Riot Games, although the character name was previously used for a League of Legends character who was binned off and replaced with Riven.

The character seems to channel deceptive tactics over upfront encounters, with the ability to temporarily blind enemies and teleport all over the map.

An official description reads: “Omen hunts in the shadows. He renders enemies blind, teleports across the field, then let’s paranoia take hold as foes scramble to uncover where it might strike next.”

Omen Abilities

Signature ability:

  • Dark Cover - Cast out a stealthed ethereal orb that bursts into an obscuring sphere of shadow at its final location. Can be charged to increase distance. Works similar to a smoke grenade.

Purchasable abilities:

  • Shadow Walk - After a delay, dematerialise and teleport a short distance. (Cost: 100)
  • Paranoia - Send out an ethereal shadow in a straight line, near-sighting anyone it touches. (Cost: 200)

Ultimate ability:

  • From The Shadows - Select anywhere on the map to teleport and reform. When arriving, appear as Shade, that will go back to your original location if killed. Once the teleport is complete, become Incorporeal for a short time. (Points: 7)

Valorant new characters
Valorant releases in summer (Picture: Riot Games) 

Omen Tips and Tricks

  • With the ability to blind and teleport, Omen is a great entry-fragger and could benefit from short-ranged firepower like a shotgun - allowing you to quickly dispose of enemies when they’re blindsided before a quick escape.
  • He’s also best used to flank enemies or to provide surprise disruption, opening the pathway for an assault from teammates.
  • You will have to be aware of enemy locations when teleporting, if you are shot in your Shade mode your teleport will fail and you will be sent back to your original location.

Omen’s Lore

Omen is the only Agent so far who has an unknown origin, pointing towards a character who might be more directly tied towards the wider universe of League of Legends.