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Phantom vs Vandal: Which is the best? a guide to Valorant's two main ARs

For most people it comes down to these two full-auto ARs but which one should you be using?
The two-all purpose rifles, based largely on the M4A1(Phantom) and AK-47(Vandal) found in CS:GO both have their pros and cons - but what gun is the best for you?

The answer to that comes largely down to your playstyle, understanding their pros and cons is vital for deciding not just what gun is better but what gun is better for the situation at hand.


Valorant vandal vs phantom guide best gun in valorant
(Picture: Riot Games)


If you like to tap heads and you trust yourself to do it, the Vandal will likely be the gun for you.  Entry-fraggers, the name given to the first man to enter an area likely to lead to an engagement, may well go for the more forgiving Phantom with his larger mag size and easier to control recoil which gives you the breathing space to correct your aim in what could be a hectic situation.

In this guide, we will break down each gun, delve into the stats and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.



The Vandal vs Phantom Phantom vs Vandal which assault rifle is better in Valorant?


A fully-automatic AK 47 style weapon with a zoom function when ADS.

Primary Fire: 

  • Full-Automatic
  • Fire Rate: 9.25 rounds/sec

Alt. Fire: 

  • Zoom Mode (1.25x), slight spread reduction
  • Fire Rate: 8.23 rounds/sec


  • Body 39 | Head 156 | Leg 33 0-50m

Magazine Capacity: 25
Wall Penetration: Medium
Tap Efficiency: 6

Cost: 2900

Pros of the Vandal

  • Retains its damage output at range.
  • A tap efficiency rating of 6, it allows for more tap-shots before bullet spread becomes unmanageable.

Cons of the Vandal

  • Can be difficult to control in full auto.
  • Smaller magazine than Phantom.
  • Slower fire rate than Phantom.


Phantom vs Vandal valorant best gun in valorant

A gun that apes the M4A1 found in CS:GO - faster firing and silenced. 

Primary Fire: 

  • Full-Automatic
  • Fire Rate: 11 rounds/sec

Alt. Fire: 

  • Zoom Mode (1.25x), slight spread reduction
  • Fire Rate: 9.9 rounds/sec


  • Body 39 | Head 156 | Leg 33 0-15m
  • Body 35 | Head 140 | Leg 30 15-30m
  • Body 31 | Head 124 | Leg 26 30-50m

Magazine Capacity: 30
Wall Penetration: Medium
Tap Efficiency: 4

Cost: 2900

Pros of the Phantom

  • Silenced.
  • Fast-fire rate.
  • Easy to control spray pattern.
  • Large magazine.

Cons of the Phantom

  • Damage fall-off at range.
  • More pronounced spray-pattern will tapping.


Phantom Vs Vandal: What one should you pick?

Deciding between these two guns, as stated before, is a matter of preference. 

Then Vandal was in fact buffed in the most recent update, v0.5, increasing its tap efficiency and horizontal recoil by 15% making it a more stable choice - so if you haven't picked it up in a while it might be worth giving it another shot.

It's one-shot capability at all ranges mean if your aim is absolutely on-point and you trust yourself to land the headshot there is no better choice.

The Phantom meanwhile received a nerf in the recent patch, with walk-spraying no longer as accurate as it once was.

This detracts from the Phantom, but you still have a higher magazine count than the Vandal, easier to control recoil, faster fire-rate and it is silenced. 

It must be noted as well that Valorant maps are quite small, with lots of corners, perfect for a gun like the Phantom.

It is not a clear winner, but at the moment, the Phantom takes it.