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Valorant Player Count 2023: How Many People Play Valorant

Want to know about the number of players in Valorant? Find out the latest figures here.
Valorant Player Count 2023: How Many People Play Valorant

Valorant is one of the most popular FPS games out there, and ever since it got released in 2020, the active user base is growing regularly thanks to all the new content released by Riot to keep the players engaged. This includes new agents, bundles, balance changes, etc., and not only this, the esports scene around the game keeps players hyped up about it and its meta. 

This makes a lot of players wonder exactly how many players play Valorant, and here is the answer to it.

September 20 Update: We have updated this page with the latest numbers.

Valorant Player Count: How Many People Play Valorant

Valorant Active Player Count in 2023.
Valorant Active Player Count in 2023. (Picture: Riot Games)

Valorant brings in millions of players every day and as per, it crossed 19 Million active users in August 2023 and has already crossed 16 Million player count by September 20. The all-time peak for daily active users for Valorant is over 6.6 Million, and if we talk about the year 2023, over 170 Million players played the game.

Valorant active player count graph
Valorant active player count graph. (Picture:

Riot has already announced that they will be bringing new, maps, agents, and bundles to Valorant. We can expect a new duelist agent to be revealed officially soon, and it is safe to say that the active players and hype around the game are only going to increase.

We will update this page every month with the latest figures, so make sure to keep an eye on it.