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Three New Agents Are Joining Valorant In 2023

Riot is bringing three new Valorant agents to the game in 2023, and here is everything you need to know.
Three New Agents Are Joining Valorant In 2023

Riot is back with more details about the upcoming agents in Valorant in 2023, and John Goscicki, the Valorant Character Producer, has today announced that we will be getting three new agents in the game this year. One of them will be an Initiator, the other will be a Sentinel, and the role of the third agent has not been revealed, and Goscicki has said that we will have to "wait until later in the year to find out" about it. 

The agent that got leaked with the codename Smokedancer could be the agent with the unknown role, as Riot just released a controller agent, Harbor, and it should take a while until we get the next one with a similar role.

However, this could be just us overthinking; who knows?

Goscicki also mentioned, "we need to maintain a good balance of roles and game styles, but as we've added a lot more agents to the game, we don't necessarily need to have the perfect one to one balance across all the roles."

In addition to this, the teaser of Agent 22 has also been revealed, and they will be joining Valorant "soon," and they will bring their own "eclectic way to deal with situations, check corners, get onto locations, plant the spike."

There are still a lot of details yet to be unveiled by Riot, but we should soon start getting more information, and we will update you guys accordingly.