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Riot apologises for Valorant Pride player card chaos, tells players to "sit tight"

The huge number of players attempting to redeem Valorant Pride month player cards has caused the site to crash and others to be left empty-handed.
Riot apologises for Valorant Pride player card chaos, tells players to "sit tight"

Riot Games has been celebrating Pride Month across its games with exclusive, limited-time, content seen in League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift, Legends and Runeterra and Valorant.

The latter titles celebrations started a little bit later with players able to redeem special Pride player cards from the 3rd June, through a special page on the Valorant website. Or at least that was the hope.

Valorant Pride website down
Players have been excited to get their hands on the Valorant Pride player cards since they were officially announced last week. (Picture: Riot Games)

Valorant Pride player card website down

Such was the demand for these cards that in the hours after the page went live players found that they could no longer access it, with many reporting a connection time out error. Others reported that player cards they redeemed had failed to show up in their in-game inventories.

Valorant redeem pride cards
Players were greeted with this page when trying to redeem the Pride player cards. (Picture: Riot Games)

A tweet on the official Valorant Twitter account has confirmed the "struggles" players are facing and asks those affected to "sit tight".

The tweet reads:

"We’re sorry for the code redemption struggles! Our site just can’t handle the force of your love. We’re working on a solution to provide you the redeemable content," 

There was also a message for those able to redeem their cards but yet to see it appear in their inventory, with the developers promising that they are "working on getting it to your account".

This isn't the first Valorant redeemable player card that has had issues, last week's release of the DUALITY Player Card, announced and made redeemable during last weekend's Valorant Masters Grand Finals similarly crashed the site, with Riot ultimately deciding to remove the 48-hour time limit offered to redeem it.

Valorant is currently celebrating - not just Pride - but the one year anniversary of its launch with Riot revealing that the game has 14 million monthly players and that they will soon bring the game to mobile.