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Riot apologize for "out of context" Sentinels hype promo

The producers took a comment made by Team Vikings players talking about X10, using it to hype up the match against Sentinels.
Riot apologize for "out of context" Sentinels hype promo

As VCT Reykjavik Masters continues, Riot issued an apology to Brazilian team Team Vikings and Leandro "frz" Gomes for taking comments during a hype video and using them out of context to promote the matchup between Vikings and Sentinels.

Frz recorded a promo video for their match against X10, in which he stated that the Thai squad "wasn't Tier 1" when it comes to quality. Riot decided to use this clip to promote the Vikings vs Sentinels after the Brazilian rep defeated X10.

riot_vikings out of context
(Picture: Riot Games)

Soon after the NA roster disposed of Vikings, members of Sentinels like Jared "Zombs" Gitlin clapped back on social media amid Riot's controversial decision. 

In a post uploaded to all the Valorant Esports regional accounts, Riot explained that comments made by Gomes were "used out of context in a promotional video," adding that they have "instituted further quality checks" so it doesn't happen again.

(Picture: Riot Games)

In a now-deleted Tweet, Zombs posted a picture of a trashcan being interviewed in a clear reference to Vikings misused quote. The Omen player deleted his comments and explained the situation to his followers.

"Apparently riot took VKS out of context talking about X10 to hype up our match. Deleted the tweet, ggs to them."

As VCT Masters 2 continues, Sentinels are waiting for the winner of Version vs NUTURN Gaming in the Upper Bracket Final, meanwhile, Vikings are set to play the winner of Team Liquid and KRU Esports in Round 3 of the Lower Bracket.