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Riot delays massive Valorant v4.0 melee changes

The knife will remain a BM tool in players' arsenal for just a few more weeks.
Riot delays massive Valorant v4.0 melee changes

Riot Games brought massive changes to Valorant with patch v4.0, which we have covered extensively. From weapon balance changes, to map redesigns, and even the introduction of the game's 18th Agent, Neon, there's no shortage of new things to try out.

The start of Episode 4 Act 1 also meant players would be getting an improved melee, with buffs to how it works in the game, making the expensive cosmetics more than just a fashion statement.

Originally scheduled to come with patch v4.0, Riot finally confirmed that the intended changes didn't ship with the patch, being delayed to the forthcoming v4.01 update.

Valorant v4.01 melee changes

knife melee
Time to show off those expensive melee weapons. (Picture: Riot Games)

The Melee changes that were pushed back include a buff to the right-clicks hitbox, which is now 1.5x larger, on the other hand, the left-clicks hitbox is even bigger and also has an extended range. 

The melee strikes will now impact enemies completely centred in your crosshair, meaning that wildly swinging is off the table with the new range buffs. 

When is patch v4.01 releasing?

valorant 4.01
The next minor update will come next week. (Picture: Riot Games

We don't have an exact date for the release of update v4.01, however, Riot gave a tentative window and players don't have to wait a long time to see the melee changes come to live servers of Valorant. 

If nothing goes wrong, Riot mentioned that players can expect the v4.01 update to drop "next week." Patches usually go live on Tuesdays, so expect the patch to come to the servers on 18th February.

There's no more information regarding what update v4.01 might bring, but rest assured, we'll be on top of things once the next patch rolls around.

One thing we can speculate on is a possible hotfix for the Ares, which receive a massive buff with the v4.00 update. The weapon is currently dominating the meta at all ranks, with everyone, from casual to pros, petitioning for Riot to take swift action. 

Whether Riot immediatly issues a hotfix, it remains to be seen.

Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.