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Riot Introduces Multiple Game Changers Upward Player Mobility Policies

This will bring more opportunities for GC teams to enter VCT.
Riot Introduces Multiple Game Changers Upward Player Mobility Policies
Picture: Riot Games

Ever since the introduction of Game Changers scene in Valorant esports, Riot has made their goal clear that they want GC players to compete in Challengers and International Leagues.

Teams like G2 Gozen have already taken the step by competing in Challengers this year and to encourage this more, Riot has announced multiple new rules for Premier, Challengers, and International Leagues.

Premier’s Path to Pro

Starting in Episode 9 Act 1, Premier will promote teams to Challengers every Act, giving Game Changers teams consistent chances to advance. Changes include:

  • Premier Access: Game Changers-eligible teams can enter the Invite Division if they meet ranked criteria, helping teams that can't compete in both Game Changers and Premier simultaneously.
  • Premier Byes: Game Changers players will get byes for Premier matches (except playoffs) when there are unavoidable scheduling conflicts with Game Changers matches.

Challenger League Qualifiers

Game Changers teams that qualify for the Game Changers Championship will automatically be invited to their local Challengers League’s qualifier, giving them a chance to earn a spot in their local Challengers League.

Relaxed Residency Rules

Game Changers players will be treated as universal slots for regional and international requirements, not counting as imports. This change addresses past issues with distributed Game Changers rosters.

Flexible Signings

Game Changers players can be signed by Challengers or International League teams at any time, bypassing transfer windows and restrictions.

Concurrent Ownership Exception

Organizations in the International or Challengers League can field an additional roster in other tiers if the second roster is primarily composed of Game Changers players. You can find the exact conditions below:

  • Organizations with an International League team can field a Challengers League team if 3/5 of the roster are Game Changers eligible.
  • Organizations with a Challengers League team can field a second team in Premier or another Challengers League if 3/5 of the roster are Game Changers eligible.

Two-Way Players

Eligible Game Changers players can compete on both an International League (IL) team and its associated secondary team.

Single-Team Exception

Eligible Game Changers players can compete for both a Game Changers (GC) team and a Challengers League (CL) team simultaneously.

Riot has also revealed that Game Changers Championship will be hosted in Riot Games Arena in Berlin from November 8 to 17 and will feature 10 teams this time instead of eight.