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Riot overturns Vivo Keyd's massive upset against Acend over Cypher exploit at Valorant Champions

The Brazilian squad caused the biggest upset of the tournament, however, due to one of their players abusing a Cypher cam glitch, their victory was wiped.
Hours after Vivo Keyd's victory over Acend had Brazilian fans rejoicing and the rest wondering why Riot didn't take action against Jonathan "JhoW" Glória's usage of a Cypher cam glitch previously forbidden, tournament organisers finally decided to overturn said outcome, giving the EMEA representatives the victory at Valorant Champions

The controversial decision was shared by Riot on social media, explaining that using the Cypher glitch on Breeze, which allows the Sentinel to get a clear view of every enemy entering A site from Cave without compromising his cam, is a direct violation of Rule 7.2.6 of the Valorant Global Competition Policy.

Vivo Keyd ended up using the Cypher glitch in six rounds, winning four of them to secure a 13-8 favourable result. Riot decided to grant all of them to Acend for a new 12-9 score in favour of the EMEA squad, adding the final decisive round "to account for the economic impact of the six (6) forfeited rounds."

This Cypher cam spot was considered an exploit at a previous event. (Picture: Riot Games)
This Cypher cam spot was considered an exploit at a previous event. (Picture: Riot Games)

The organisers also explained how can the Cypher cam spot is considered a glitch. "The location of the camera allows the Cypher player to see through the back of a small map texture that is intended to block the player’s view. From an opposing perspective on the opposite side of the map texture, the texture is solid and blocks the Cypher camera from view."

Furthermore, they explained that the match wasn't stopped as they will only do so "if an exploit is clear and obvious, or reported by a participating team." 

Vivo Keyd will now play in an elimination match against X10.
Vivo Keyd will now play in an elimination match against X10. (Picture: Riot Games)

"The one-way view of the camera exploit is a small portion of the camera’s perspective, and was not immediately obvious when watching the player move the camera during the match. Additionally, Acend did not report the exploit."

With this result, Vivo Keyd will play in an elimination match against X10 on 6th December, meanwhile, Acend will play versus Team Envy to determine who makes it to the final bracket early.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.