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Riot announce new Valorant v1.11 and Skye release date

The patch was released earlier this week and quickly rolled back due to technical issues but we now know when v1.11, and Skye, will be coming to the game.
Riot announce new Valorant v1.11 and Skye release date

Few patches for Valorant have been so eargely anticipated than v1.11 was, which was set to introduce Icebox to the competitive playlist and the thirteenth agent, Skye.

We say intitially because even though it rolled out in the Americas 27th October, the update was quickly rolled back after numerous game-breaking bugs were discovered that coupled with the looming North American First Strike qualifiers and Riot had few options but to go back to v1.10.

When is Valorant v1.11 coming out? Release date skye, reaver v2
(Picture: Riot Games)

Thankfully, the developers haven't been taking it easy this week and have seemingly been working hard to get the patch in a more stable state and we do now have a release date for v1.11.

In a tweet put out on the official Valorant account the developers have revealed that v1.11 will come out on Monday, 2nd November at 8am PT.

Similar to the initial roll-out the Americas will go first, then Korea, Japan, Oceania, and South East Asia.

Europe, Turkey, Middle-east and North Africa, and the Commonwealth of Independent States will get it last.

They also state that a second, small patch, can be expected at the usual time, likely Tuesday, 3rd.

Where does that leave Skye then? Well for those desperate to get a shot of the hunter-healer you needn't wait much longer as the devs also announced that Skye would be available to play immmediately.

The hotly anticipated re-release of the Reaver skin collection will take place the day after the patch rolls out on the 3rd of November.

Version 2 of the Reaver skin collection isn't the only skins set for release in the near-future with a skin collection that goes by the name Wasteland being discovered by data miners within the files.