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Valorant Episode 2 ranked changes: Rank rating, Leaderboards, and more

The tactical shooter is set to receive a major overhaul in its rating system and the way play progress on the ladder. Here's everything you should know.
Valorant Episode 2 ranked changes: Rank rating, Leaderboards, and more

Valorant, Riot Games' tactical shooter, is preparing to leave behind Episode 1 with the end of Act 3, and the developers shared with fans what they can expect when they jump back on ranked once Episode 2 kicks-off. 

Valorant Episode 2 ranked changes

Regional Leaderboards

Leaderboards Valorant
(Picture: Riot Games)

With the arrival of Episode 2, players will be able to compare themselves to the best in their region, as the new Leaderboards will show everyone that's made it to Immortal and Radiant (Top 500).

These Leaderboards will be open per region.

Here are a few pointers regarding the Leaderboards

  • Leaderboard displays in-client (along with a web version on available within 24 hours of Episode 2 going live)
    • Radiant players (top 500 per region)
  • Immortal players (roughly ~1% of rank players per region)
    • Immortal will also only be one rank now, using the Immortal 3 icon
    • Leaderboard Rank and Rank Rating (we call it RR for short)
    • Riot ID, Title, and player card
    • Games won per Act
    • Ability to anonymize your name as “Secret Agent”
  • Unique per region NA, EU, APAC, BR, LATAM, KR
  • Updates in real time
  • Requirements to get on the leaderboard:
    • Requires 50 ranked account games to place on leaderboard (retroactive for returning players)
    • Requires playing at least 1 Competitive game a week (within 7 day period) to stay on the leaderboard
    • Banned players will not show on the leaderboard

Valorant Rank Rating

The way you progress through rank has also been changed. Gone are the cryptic arrows, leaving room for a more concise experience that will let you know exactly how much growth you have as a player.

On top of this, ranks like Immortal have been combined (meaning no more 1, 2, 3). Take a look at everything coming to with the new rating system.

  • Majority of RR comes from wins or losses (match outcome)
    • You will always gain RR on a win and lose RR on a loss
  • On a win, you will gain between 10 and 50 RR
    • Min 5 RR gain for Diamond+
  • On a loss you will lose between 0 and 30 RR
    • Max drop of 50 RR on a loss for Diamond+
  • On a draw you will gain a max of 20 RR (performance-based)
    • Only for Iron through Diamond, where we take individual performance into account.
  • Demotion protection: You must lose at 0 RR to demote
    • If you demote, you will not go below 80 RR at that rank
  • Promotion boost where you start at minimum 10 RR on a win
  • Decisiveness of a win and exceptional performance at lower ranks for individuals can help you earn rank faster (and more quickly boost smurfs to accurate ranks)
  • New rank ceremony and celebration visual for getting promotions
  • Rank info page updated along with providing info around rank rewards

And there you have it. Excited for more Valorant? Check out the patch notes for v2.0, and everything coming with the Battle Pass for Episode 2 Act 1.