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Riot to target Valorant insta-lockers by introducing cascading Agent select

Valorant’s agent selection process is set for an overhaul.
Cascading Agent picks are set to be added to Valorant in a future update. Effectively removing players’ ability to insta-lock their favourite agents, but allowing for healthier team compositions and promoting communication among teammates.

As revealed by a Designer of Valorant, Jon Walker, cascading Agent select should be coming to the game in either Act Two or Three of Episode 4: Disruption. Their goal, according to him, is to combat the frustrating experience of having teammates instantly lock in their agent of choice without consulting anyone else on the team. 

In this new version of Agent select, players will have a short period to select their agent one at a time. If a player chooses not to pick an agent, the next player in line will have a chance to make their selection and the original player will get another opportunity to select an agent later in the process.

A muted words list feature was also revealed during the Livestream and it’s set to come next patch. This feature would allow players to block certain words in chat, preventing exposure to harmful words and improving their overall experience.

Lastly, Yoru’s rework has received some new information after its initial reveal back in December. In a statement from Agent Designer, Ryan Cousart, the team working on Yoru has finally been able to “tie a bow on a lot of the changes that [they] want to do for Yoru.” He also maintains that Yoru will stay as a niche agent pick, but will hopefully be more viable.

The agent select screen in its current iteration. (Picture: Riot Games)
The agent select screen in its current iteration. (Picture: Riot Games)

According to ValorLeaks, the update to Yoru is set to be released with patch 4.03, meaning players will have to wait just a little bit longer to show off their flashy new plays.

When is cascading Agent select coming to Valorant?

valorant cascading
Don't expect cascading Agent select soon. (Picture: Riot Games)

As we've mentioned, there is no proper estimated time for the feature to drop, however, players can expect at least one more Act without cascading, and possibly two. Essentially, it means something from two to four months.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.