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Screenshots leak reveals new Valorant characters and maps

The upcoming Riot Games tactical shooter known officially as Project A and Project Ares has seen further information released via screenshots shared accidentally by IGN.
Screenshots leak reveals new Valorant characters and maps

New screenshots from Valorant, an FPS title in development by Riot Games codenamed Project A, have been leaked via IGN and shared by esports journalist Rod "Slasher" Breslau across social media.

The screenshots show full body images of characters previously seen as silhouettes in limited promotional material as well as those we have been given sneak peaks of through kill feed headshots and early footage.


While the cast of characters remain mostly unknown, we have been given a closer look in the screenshots of many of them (Credit: Riot Games)

Some notable features in the game itself ressemble other popular gaming titles including CS:GO, Fortnite, Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch with varied aesthetic choices across the various maps including dragon statues and futuristic vehicles as part of their designs. 

Earlier leaks showed a character named 'Sentinal Sage' with abilities that ressemble the latter game's support champions Mercy and Moira. Within Valorant clips, we see her abilities in action as well as those of a still unrevealed champion in promotional material using floating knives that are then sent fatally towards enemy players.

Official information about Valorant is expected on 2nd March from Riot itself but the full IGN post including the screenshots can be found here.

Fans should keep their eyes on @PlayVALORANT for further news that is expected to drop at midnight PST.