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Marved Replaces TenZ In Sentinels For VCT Americas Week 4

Sentinels announce that Marved is replacing TenZ for VCT Americas Week 4 amid Tenz's injury and positive COVID result.
Marved Replaces TenZ In Sentinels For VCT Americas Week 4

Kaplan, who stepped up as the head coach of Sentinels' Valorant roster, announced today that Marved will be replacing TenZ for one week in VCT Americas. TenZ got a joint infection in his finger before the match-up against Leviatán, and recently, he also tested positive for COVID. 

"Our boy TenZ, not feeling so good. His finger's injured, he's got COVID. We're gonna give him a week to chill." Kaplan said. "Luckily, we have a world champion for sub. We're gonna be bringing Marved in; we're gonna be practicing with him this week and playing our super week of matches with him this weekend."

This change was kind of expected with how Sentinels has been performing in the tournament and TenZ having to take care of Kyedae. Kaplan explained that this is not going to be a reset but a continuation of the work they have been putting in since the roster was put together.

"Change can be scary, but the things you guys need to know, this team is going to be well coached, well disciplined, well structured and razor-sharp on stage. We have world-class caliber players, and I have every intention of showing what exactly they are capable of," Kaplan said.