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Sentinels Wins 'Match Of The Century' Against 100 Thieves In VCT Americas LCQ

Sentinels eliminated 100 Thieves from VCT Americas LCQ and will now play against Cloud9 in Upper Semifinals.
Sentinels Wins 'Match Of The Century' Against 100 Thieves In VCT Americas LCQ
Sentinels Wins 'Match Of The Century' (Picture: Riot Games)

Sentinels has beaten the rivals 100 Thieves in the most hyped and awaited series of VCT Americas LCQ by 2-1 to proceed to the Upper Semifinals of the event. They will be playing against Cloud9 to fight for their slot in Upper Final while, on the other hand, 100 Thieves has been sent home, and with that, their VCT 2023 run has come to an end. 

The first map Pearl was 100 Thieves' pick, but Sentinels destroyed them in the first half by winning nine rounds, pushing 100 Thieves to a backfoot. It was hard to recover from this, and after looking at how slow 100 Thieves was playing on the attack side, it looked like Sentinels would easily close up the map.

However, Cryo's performance with an operator was magic happening for 100 Thieves as they made an insane comeback exposing Sentinel's attacking side and winning the first map by 14-12.

Split was a rather clean map for Sentinels, which was important for them to win in order to level up the series point and take it to the third map. Sentinels won four rounds back to back in the first half to put 4-1 on the scorecard; however, the lead was instantly destroyed by 100 Thieves by winning the next four rounds.

The score after the first half was 7-5, and even though Sentinels was behind, they already secured five rounds in their attacking half, which looked like their weaker side in Pearl. Sentinels went on demolishing 100 Thieves in the second half by not letting them secure even a single round and won Split by 13-7. 

Yoru's pick for both teams was a huge shock on the final map, Bind. While both TenZ and Asuna were able to make a massive impact with it in the match, Sentinels came on top as a team. They carried forward their momentum from Split and destroyed 100 Thieves.

The score after the first half was 10-2, and even though 100 Thieves made a temporary comeback in the second half by winning five rounds to take the score to 12-7, they couldn't finish it off as Sentinels won the map by 13-7 along with the series by 2-1.

You will be able to catch Sentinels' next match against Cloud9 on July 17 on Valorant Americas' official YouTube and Twitch channels or with your favorite streamer's watch party.