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Valorant: ShahZam Claims Sentinels Promised Spot For Playing With Shroud

The recent exchange between ShahZam and Sentinels CEO Rob Moore heats up the atmosphere.
Valorant: ShahZam Claims Sentinels Promised Spot For Playing With Shroud

The drama between Sentinels and ShahZam has not ended yet. Recently, Sentinels posted a video on their Twitter handle where Syyko, the head coach of their Valorant roster, spins a wheel, and it lands on "TenZ Go Kill." 

This triggered a shocking response from ShahZam, who is now with G2, as he accuses Sentinels asked them to play with Shroud to get into the franchise, and they promised him a spot in the Valorant roster. He said, "one time I spun the wheel, and it landed on 'please play with shroud, we don’t care if you win just make it hype. we’ll personally guarantee you a spot in franchising if you do'."

This reaction triggered Sentinels' CEO, Rob Moore, as he replies, "It’s weird that since you left all you talk about is how you want to be with the organization, when for all of 2022 you behaved like you didn’t want to be here. It seems like you have returned to the focus you had in 2021. If so, 
G2 Esports will be in great hands."

When a user went against him by saying, "So you promise something to your player, lie about it, and then get mad that they're upset? Nice," Rob replied by asking them if they actually believe everything that people post on Twitter and if they also believe that ShahZam actually found out about not getting a contract while streaming.

To this ShahZam questioned him, "are you actually going to deny promising me a spot if i did you this "huge favor"?" and told him that he can do better than this and he should stop lying to his players.

The banter received tremendous reactions from the community, including various organizations like NRG, Cloud9, and more.