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Valorant Shop Checker Guide: Check Your Valorant Store Daily

To ensure you don't miss your favorite Valorant Skin on your Valorant Store, here is how you can check it without opening Valorant.
Valorant Shop Checker Guide: Check Your Valorant Store Daily

Valorant has been one of the most popular FPS games since its launch; not just the graphics and gameplay that attract the players but the developers' creative designs of new in-game items make the game enjoyable. Weapon skins in Valorant constitute a significant part of the game, and the developers ensure they please their player base with the best skin line possible. Every skin in Valorant has a unique appeal, and every other player has their favorite Valorant skin.

To purchase these skins, an in-game item shop is available where you can buy the latest skin bundle or select a particular weapon skin that is already available in the game. This store is refreshed every time day. Some day you might get the skin you always wanted, but sometimes you might not. But to keep an eye on the store, you must log in to Valorant and check for your store daily.

 But what if you don't have access to your PC or Laptop to log in to the game and check for your in-game item store? We've got you covered if you are looking for something like this; here is how you can check your Valorant Item Store without logging into the game.

How to Check Your Valorant Store?

In-game weapon skins in Valorant Store.
In-game weapon skins in Valorant Store. (Picture: Riot Games)

The best way to check the Valorant store is simply by logging into the game, and sometimes it isn't easy when you are not near your PC or Laptop; at that time, a website and app called Valorant Store Checker can come in handy. The website allows you to look into your Valorant item shop without launching Valorant.

Valorant Store Checker uses Riot Games API to determine the items on your store; all you need to do is login into the website with your Discord ID and link your Riot Games account with it. 

Unfortunately, you have to disable your 2-factor authentication on your Riot Games before logging into the website, but you can enable it again once you have logged in to the site. After successfully logging in to the website, head to the store option and look at your in-game Valorant item store without opening Valorant.