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Sinatraa claps back after Sentinels dumps 100 Thieves out of JBL Cup

The Sentinels player poked fun at 100 Thieves after claiming victory at the JBL Cup by copying a tweet originally made by Steel during First Strike.
Sinatraa claps back after Sentinels dumps 100 Thieves out of JBL Cup

The Valorant scene has given us great rivalries and trash talk that make the scene stronger by creating compelling narratives for fans to follow, and it seems Jay "Sinatraa" Won wants to end the year on a high note after taking a jab at 100 Thieves after Sentinels knocked them out of the JBL Cup.

The former Overwatch copied Joshua "Steel" Nissan's tweet made during First Strike NA, where 100 Thieves beat Sentinels on the way to becoming winners of the event. In it, Steel made fun of the fact that Sentinel's roster that's been playing together since the beta couldn't beat a team that's relatively new in comparison, even if the individual pieces are veterans of tactical shooters such as Spencer "Hiko" Martin or Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella.


"Really easy 2-1 win over @100Thieves real shame a team with 40+ years FPS gaming experience couldn't close that major out," Sinatraa tweeted out.

sinatraaSinatraa is looking to become just as successful in Valorant as he was during his Overwatch era (Picture: Blizzard)

The 20-year-old's clap back tastes that much sweeter for plenty of reasons. First, Steel decided to taunt Sentinels in-game by teabagging them, a direct response to Michael "dapr" Gulino's attitude during First Strike, which saw him receive death threats.


Second, Sinatraa earned his trash talk during the match itself, pumping insane numbers in the semifinals of the JBL Cup: 200.6 ADR (Average Damage per Round), 24% headshot percentage, 9 First Kills, and a total of 64 frags across the three highly competitive maps in a series that ended on Ice Box with a 13-10 scoreline.

While Sentinels might have won this battle, 2020 will be remembered as 100 Thieves', as they ended it as First Strike NA champions, becoming the first team in the region to win a major event hosted by Riot in Valorant's history.