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Valorant Swiftplay Mode Guide: How To Play, Duration

A brand new mode Swiftplay is here in Valorant for players who want quick action.
Valorant Swiftplay Mode Guide: How To Play, Duration

Riot Games has released the beta version of a brand new mode called Swiftplay in Valorant patch 5.12. The mode has been made available in the game and will be available till January 10 to collect feedback from players. It is a "condensed version" of the standard 5v5 Unrated Spike game and is designed for those who want a quick match and can't stick around for over 30 minutes.

Every match in Swifplay mode will run for approximately 15 minutes and can be played on all the maps available in Unrated. According to Riot Games, "The goal of this often requested game mode is to offer the core VALORANT experience to players who have a lower time commitment or want to get in as many reps in during a smaller window."

There will be a total of eight rounds, with each half consisting of four rounds, and the team that wins five rounds first will win the match. The economy and bonus structure are going to be different for this mode and will also include sudden death overtime, as announced by Riot Games.

The teams will be able to earn a set number of credits at the start of each round, i.e.; you will get 800 in the first round, 2400 in the second round (excluding the bonus for winning the pistol round), and 4250 in the third and fourth round each. In addition to this, the team winning the pistol round will receive 600 bonus credits, and the weapons and credits can be carried over to the next round.

Standard Kill in Swiftplay mode will give you 200 credits, and Spike Plant will give you 300 credits. Not only this, you will be able to get your ult more easily as everyone will be awarded with 2 Ult points at the start of each half.

If everything goes well, we might soon get Swiftplay as a permanent mode in Valorant.