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T1 suffers shock defeat against 60th seed team in Valorant Challengers Open Qualifiers

The team that recently parted ways with Brax and AZK lost in their second match of the second Challengers tournament, falling to Headshot Percentage in their second match.
T1 suffers shock defeat against 60th seed team in Valorant Challengers Open Qualifiers

Seeing an upset occur is part of what makes watching esports exciting, sadly for T1 fans, this time they were on the receiving end of jokes from the Valorant community, as the squad fell surprisingly short during their run in the second Challengers Open Qualifiers, losing in their second match against Headshot Percentage.

T1, who came into the second qualifier event as the fifth seed, made some massive roster changes after failing to qualify for the Challengers main event during the first qualifier, dropping Braxton "Brax" Pierce and Keven "AZK" Larivière in favour of Timothy "autimatic" Ta.

George "Curry Geddes completed the roster for this event, having yet to be officialized as part of T1 moving forward, with something being absolutely clear following the jarring defeat -- there's lots of room for improvement.

(Image: T1)

Headshot Percentage, a team that had relatively no expectations, entering the event as the 60th seed, surprised the veterans with an impressive display, spearheaded by Drake "Exalt" Brandy's performance, ending with an Average Combat Score (ACS) of 296, 14 First Kills, and an impressive 23% headshot accuracy across three maps.

This result stands as the biggest upset in Valorant Challengers thus far, with HSP looking to capitalize moving forward as they try to earn a spot for the week 2 Challenger Finals, where Sentinels, Immortals, Luminosity, and XSET are already waiting.

As for T1, not all hope is lost, as there's the third and final Challengers Open Qualifiers coming up on 4th March, with the final four Valorant Masters spots up for grabs, the A-tier event scheduled to start 13th March.  

If you want to watch the full match, head over to Nerd Street Gamers Twitch channel for the full VOD.