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Valorant devs respond to "wallhack" glitch, fix in the works

The bug with Valorant's minimap allows players to see enemies when they shouldn't, but Riot assures players that it will be fixed soon.
Valorant devs respond to "wallhack" glitch, fix in the works

Valorant players have recently discovered a game-breaking bug which lets them see other players on the minimap despite not having them in the field of view. 

This strange "wallhack" glitch has been in the game for some time, but it got more attention after popular Twitch streamer Michael "shroud" Grzesiek exposed the bug during one of his Valorant streams.

Shroud was playing as Yoru and at one point he was hiding behind a wall, peeking around the corner to look for this opponent and suddenly the enemy Cypher became completely visible on the minimap, both his current location and movement, despite Shourd being far away from him with several walls in between them.

It is not clear if this bug is related exclusively to Yoru and Haven, or if it can occur with different Agents on other maps.

shroud valorant minimap bug wallhack
Shroud seemed to be familiar with the glitch, saying "I got the bug" when it occurred (Picture: Shroud)

When the bug had happened, Shroud sounded like that wasn't his first encounter with it, almost like he was trying to reproduce it. Still, at this point, it can not be said if this "wallhack" is replicable or it occurs at random.

Nonetheless, the sheer fact that it exists is enough for Riot devs to try to fix it as soon as possible because it could break the game and compromise Valorant's competitive integrity if someone finds a way to reliably reproduce it in their games.

And it seems that Riot is already on it, as Mochimisu, one of Valorant's devs, confirms that they are "taking a look at this right now."

It would be interesting to find out what has caused this glitch, and hopefully, Riot will manage to quickly get to the bottom of it and fix it before anyone finds a way to abuse it.