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Teams consider pulling out of Valorant Last Chance Qualifier due to "unacceptable conditions"

The Last Chance Qualifier has faced a ton of issues, from server ones to false-positive COVID results delaying the event.
Teams consider pulling out of Valorant Last Chance Qualifier due to "unacceptable conditions"

The North American Valorant Last Chance Qualifier seemed destined to be cursed from the start, and as the event has progressed, more and more issues have some teams considering pulling out of the event entirely. 

According to esports personality Jake Lucky, multiple have expressed discomfort at the "unacceptable conditions" under which the LCQ is taking place, with one outright contemplating leaving the tournament entirely.

The NA LCQ has faced multiple adversities even before it began. First, the format had to be changed due to the Oceania teams being unable to compete at the event, according to Riot, they would have been unable to arrive in North America, have proper preparation time, and return to their home cities in a "timely manner".

stage lcq
The stage looks incredible, but the conditions haven't been up to par. (Picture: Riot Games)

Once the tournament rolled around, teams quickly found out that Riot had put remote servers in place, which meant they were playing with ping as if they were in an online event. Some players even complained about the quality of the PCs provided, calling them "LCS PCs," implying they were built for League of Legends, a considerably less demanding title than Valorant. 

Server issues caused multiple struggles during day 1, with Luminosity Gaming losing a round against XSET due to the server lagging out.

The latest controversy stems from two false-positive COVID-19 test results from FaZe Clan members, resulting in the entire team having to play their match against Rise outside the venue. 

na champions
The last stop before Champions has been nothing short of scuffed. (Picture: Riot Games)

Rise complained about this since FaZe would have access to better equipment than the one provided at the venue, with Riot opting to suspend activities entirely on day 2.

It remains to be seen what's going to happen once the LCQ gets back underway, as always, stay tuned and we'll keep you updated.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.