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TenZ suffers hand injury ahead of VCT Masters Reykjavik

The Jett ace suffered an accident with a kettle, spilling boiling water on his left hand.
TenZ suffers hand injury ahead of VCT Masters Reykjavik

Sentinels might play at a massive disadvantage during the first LAN Valorant competition as Tyler "TenZ" Ngo has revealed that a kettle accident has injured his left hand.

The C9 contracted player who is on loan with Sentinels posted a series of Instagram stories sharing with fans his catastrophic encounter with a kettle during his first day off quarantine after traveling to Iceland for VCT Masters 2.

tenz left hand injury
(Picture: TenZ)

After worrying fans following his incident, the 20-year-old followed up with another instastory explaining that although the "burns are super annoying" on his left thumb, he expects to make a full recovery either today or the day after.

TenZ, who was one of the most hyped-up players during the first year of competitive Valorant before he surprisingly stepped back from Cloud9's team, has helped Sentinels retain their spot as one of North America's strongest squads, winning Stage 1 Masters in the process.

If he manages to heal on time, it will be great news for Sentinels, who debut in the upcoming VCT Masters 2 against the winners of Fnatic vs Kru Esports, in a match scheduled for 25th May.