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TSM officially reveals female Valorant roster

The announcement came just a day after it got leaked via a public Discord server.
TSM officially reveals female Valorant roster

Team SoloMid is officially the second major North American organization after Cloud9 that will boast an all-female Valorant squad, after the org confirmed the leaks that happened a day prior to the announcement, unveiling its new roster via social media. 

The roster reveals was previously shared in a public Discord server, with the video making its way to Reddit before being promptly deleted. The female TSM Valorant roster is composed by:

  • Catherine “Cath” Leroux
  • Katherine “LunarKats” So
  • Emily “mle” Peters
  • Zoe “Zoe” Servais
  • Mirna “Athxna” Noureldin

“We wanted the best players to build out our competitive VALORANT presence - and we found them. Cath is a veteran leader who has shown clear dominance in various matches since 2017. Athxna shows real prowess as an in-game leader, and with the raw skill that LunarKats, mle, and Zoe possess, I see huge potential for this team,” Andy "Reginald" Dinh, CEO of TSM, said. 

valorant game changer series
(Image: Riot Games)

The roster, which was competing in the Valorant Vanguard Championship Series now has its sights on the Valorant Game Changers, a new series of events that serves for "women and other marginalised genders" to showcase their abilities.