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Valorant caster Uber to miss LCQ due to Overwatch League contract restrictions

The veteran caster apologised to Riot for this inconvenience.
Valorant caster Uber to miss LCQ due to Overwatch League contract restrictions

Soon after Riot Games announced caster Mitch "UberShouts" Leslie as part of the talent roster that would be making an appearance on the upcoming North American Last Chance Qualifier, the 30-year-old explained he will not be taking part due to an Overwatch League contract restriction.

Uber, who's been casting pro Overwatch since before OWL began and has maintained a presence in the League for the past four years, explained that his current contract (which will see him return for OWL 2022) allows him to pursue other esports titles while the offseason is happening, sadly, Valorant is not part of the deal.

Uber has casted four consecutive OWL grand finals alongside Matt "MrX" Morello. (Picture: Overwatch League)

"This is not the fault of Blizzard, who have generally been very reasonable to work with, and not at all the fault of Riot, who wanted to take a chance on me, someone with comparatively little VALORANT experience under my belt," Uber wrote in a twitlonger shared on social media.

While Overwatch League fans will undoubtedly be excited to have confirmation of Uber returning for 2022 with the League set to be played on Overwatch 2, missing out on one of the biggest Valorant NA events is a tough pill to swallow.

What makes the decision to forbid Uber from casting Valorant rather strange is that he was able to partake in events like Challengers before the start of OWL 2021, most likely meaning the stipulation came into play with the latest contract signed by the caster.

NA LCQ would've been Uber's first Valorant LAN. (Picture: Overwatch League)

"I had high hopes of lending my best work to one of the most important events on the NA circuit's calendar, and I want to thank all of you for being so supporting and sharing my sense of excitement when I was announced. I promise to make it up to you in the future," he added.

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Featured image courtesy of Overwatch League.