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Valorant devs face backlash over Radianite Points

Valorant players are voicing their concerns over Radianite Points pricing, and they didn't like some of the answers developers have given to them.
Valorant devs face backlash over Radianite Points

Valorant will soon celebrate a full year since the launch of the closed beta, but Riot is constantly reminding players that the game and all of its systems are constantly being evaluated and are subject to change.

And players are definitely making sure that Riot will hear everything that the player base thinks might be an issue, from gameplay mechanics and balance to Ranked play and other things that might not be related to the game directly.

One of the issues players are having with the game is Radianite Points and the value players are getting from them.

Radianite Points (RP) are an in-game currency in Valorant, which can be used for upgrading your weapons with new VFX, audio, animations, finishers and variants of skins you have bought from the store. You can obtain them either through the Battle Pass or buy them with Valorant Points, a premium currency that can only be bought with real money.

Valorant store Radianite Points RP discount
Valorant Points (Picture: Riot Games)

But right now many players think that the game's battle pass offers simply too little RP for the effort players are putting into it, and they are sharing their dissatisfaction with RP pricing on Reddit and Twitter.

The fully levelled battle pass will earn you 160 RP, but that requires a lot of grinding over a period of 3 months, or as u/Gusaxd put it: "You have to be married to the game to get it."

On the other hand, the price of Radianite Points seems ridiculously high, and Gusaxd gave an example where upgrading three skins costs him almost R$250, which is around ~$45 USD.

One of the Valorant's developers, that goes by the name Aeneia on Reddit, has tried to give some explanations, but her comments were met with downvotes.

"Like many things that got shipped to players last June, the storefront was in a place of 'This will work, and we'll improve upon it when we get the chance'", she wrote. "We know there's room for improvement. And if it's something you really think needs to get changed (and prioritized over other things we could be working on), I encourage you all to continue speaking up about it."

Valorant Radianite Points RP discount
Radianite Points are shown seemingly discounted, despite that being permanent price for bundles(Picture: Riot Games)

She tried to explain that they never wanted their monetisation system to feel predatory nor their intention was to trick players with the current system. She argues that 20-40% tags on Radianite bundles are not there to show a discount, but rather to show how much more value players will get from buying them in bigger bundles.

It seems that Valorant Redditors weren't happy with these answers, as they were downvoting her comments. You can check the whole conversation on the issue here, with more details from developers, as well as several breakdowns of what some players see as issues and predatory practices.

What is your opinion on this topic? Do you agree that Radianite Points (RP) are too expensive? Tell us in the comment section!