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Valorant Elderfame skin collection: All skins, upgrades, release date and cost

Check out all the weapon models, what they look like once upgraded and the cost of Valorant's most controversial skin line - Elderflame.
Valorant Elderfame skin collection: All skins, upgrades, release date and cost

It's a level above anything we have seen before, Valorant's Elderflame skin line - described as Ultra Edition skins - these have more artistic license than previous offerings, which each gun modelled with a Dragon them replete with some insane custom animations and sounds.



The skin collection has proved controversial though, with some feeling that the OTT design is taking too far, while others are naturally baulking at the cost, which if bought in its entirety works out around $100.

What can't be argued is that it is certainly eye-catching, and coupled with its price tag it will certainly by a skin that will make an impression when you come across it in a game.

We break down everything about this new collection giving you a look at every skin, plus a look at the Radianite upgraded animations and cosmetics.

The Elderflame weapon collection will be released on Friday, 10th June.


What is in the Dragon Elderflame skin collection?

There five Elderflame weapon models:

  • Elderflame Frenzy
  • Elderflame Vandal
  • Elderflame Operator
  • Elderflame Judge
  • Elderflame Melee (Free in the Bundle)

Each of the weapon models has four variants, which will likely be unlocked with Radianite Points.

Also included in the bundle are:

  • Dragon spray (Free in the Bundle)
  • Dragon Eye Gunbuddy


Dragon Eye Elderflame Gunbuddy
(Picture: floxay)


How much does the Elderflame skin collection cost?


It's not cheap... purchasing the skins individually will cost you 2475 Valorant Points (VP) or approx. $25/£25, buying the complete collection will cost you $100, which includes the Melee skin free - saving you $25.

The amount of Radianite Points needed to upgrade the weapons is not yet clear meaning the total cost to buyers could be considerably higher.


What are the upgrades for the Dragon Elderflame collection?

Thanks to fluxoy, a reliable data miner in the Valorant community we can share with you some of the custom animations that will be available to those that fork out for the Elerflame skin pack. These animations are some of the craziest we have seen yet and for some, it will make this collection irresistible. 


Elderflame Melee

Elderflame Melee Skin

Elderflame Frenzy

Valorant elderflame frenzy variant

Elderflame Frenzy cost radiante upgrade

Elderflame Radianite variant 3 battle pass

Valorant skins elderflame dragon skins pistol


Elderflame Judge

Elderflame dragon skin judge

Valorant Judge 1

Valorant dragon skins

Valorant Judge Elderflame cost

Elderflame Vandal
Elderflame Vandal skin
Elderflame Vandal 2 skin
Dragon Vandal skin valorant cost
Elderflame vandal 4


Elderflame Operator
Valorant Dragon Operator
Elderflame operator cost
Elderflame Operator skin red dragon
Operator AWP dragon elderflame skin