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Valorant Episode 2 Act 1: weekly challenges leaked

'Weeklies' are vital to completing the Battlepass and a data miner has given us a sneak peek at all seven weeks of Episode 2 Act 1's.
Valorant's Battlepasses are known to be particularly grind-y, something which Riot Games acknowledged with the Act 3 battle pass, which introduced lower total game requirements, and rebalanced weekly missions for a "smoother climb".

They also increased the time to complete the Battlepass with it increasing from two months to three, again, starting with Act III.

Now with the release of Episode 2 Act 1, there are yet more changes to the Battlepass with Riot promising more XP awarded per match.

Valorant Episode 2 Act 1 battle pass weekly challenges
The devs promise an "enhanced Battlepass" in Ep 2 Act 1. (Picture: Riot Games)

That doesn't mean it will all be plain sailing with players still likely needing to complete their daily and weekly challenges to complete the Battlepass in time.

Thanks to a leak we can also reveal the first seven weekly challenges, though a word of caution, this could change.

It is also not clear exactly how long the Battlepass is set to run for, and it is very likely that even more weekly challenges will be added.

But with that being said here is the information we have so far: 

Episode 2 Act 1 Weekly challenges

All this information is courtesy of Twitter user @Shiick.

Week 1:

  • Deal 18000 damages (10080 XP)
  • Play 10 games (10080 XP)
  • Use 200 abilities (10080 XP)

Week 2:

  • Team defuse/plant 20 bombs (12320 XP)
  • Get 45 headshots (12320 XP)
  • Use 25 ultimates (12320 XP)

Week 3:

  • Play 150 rounds (12320 XP)
  • Kill 100 enemies (12320 XP)
  • Purchase 100 items (12320 XP)

Week 4:

  • Use 200 abilities (16800 XP)
  • Deal 1800 damages (16800 XP)
  • Use 25 ultimates (16800 XP)

Week 5: 

  • Team defuse/plant 20 bombs (17920 XP)
  • Kill 125 enemies (17920 XP)
  • Play 10 games (17920 XP)

Week 6:

  • Get 45 headshots (21280 XP)
  • Purchase 200 items (21280 XP)
  • Use 25 ultimates (21280 XP)

Week 7:

  • Deal 18000 damages (21280 XP)
  • Play 150 rounds (21280 XP)
  • Use 150 abilities (21280 XP)