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Valorant Error Code: VAN 68 - Players report servers down

VALORANT servers seem to be down for the time being and, inherently, players are not happy.
Valorant Error Code: VAN 68 - Players report servers down

The overly popular FPS is being barraged with complaint tweets amidst their several reveals and teasers across social media.

According to hundreds of Valorant players across Reddit, Twitter and support blogs, Valorant servers seem to be down and fans across many countries are unable to even start the game.

Whilst the official Valorant account or Riot Games are yet to come forward, the German extension of their social media team took action into their own hands early, appeasing the community.

“We are aware of the current crashes and the team is working on a solution”, they tweeted.

valorant connectivity issues lag connection error error code van 68 servers europe down(Image: Twitter)

Valorant came forward within the hour over at their Status Riot Games blog titling the post Login Issues with a Critical Flair.

“We're aware of a problem causing login attempts to fail and are working on a fix”, their update read.

There’s no official reason behind the outages but it is believed they are concentrated only around European servers.

The problem might be connected to an Amazon Web Services data centre fire earlier on the same day, reported by Corey Quinn. The report came in around the time that Valorant and many other internet servers plummeted. “All humans reportedly safe”, Quinn concluded.

We’ll keep you updated as the situation develops.