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Valorant streamer exposes himself stream sniping, gets banned from Twitch

Valorant streamer and player S2A accidentally revealed that he's stream sniping another Valorant streamer while live-streaming himself.
Valorant streamer exposes himself stream sniping, gets banned from Twitch

In a hilarious turn of events, Valorant semi-professional player S2A has been banned from Twitch.

On Monday, 8th June, S2A was playing Valorant ranked while streaming on Twitch. At one point, he was playing a match against Team Synergy's content creator Diaamond, another high-ranked Valorant player.

After a few suspicious situations, Diaamond accused him of stream sniping, which S2A categorically denied and even scoffed at those claims.

But in a rather comical situation, S2A accidentally showed on stream that he is actually watching Diaamond's stream on the second screen and stream sniping him.

"That's so cringe," S2A says in the clip after hearing what he's been accused of. "He thinks I'm sniping because a flash came in."

But just moments after, S2A alt-tabbed out of the game and amongst open windows one with Diaamond’s stream can clearly be seen.

Diaamond reacted quickly, he clipped the moment and shared it on his Twitter account for everyone to see.

Valorant stream sniping banned from Twitch(Picture: S2A)

S2A later tried to defend himself, saying he opened Diaamond’s stream only so that he can clip himself killing Diaamond, but Twitch apparently didn't believe that was the case, as S2A's Twitch page is currently unavailable, which means he has been banned.

Twitch strictly forbids stream sniping, which they see as an example of in-game harassment, and while probably not permanently banned, S2A will receive a 7-day suspension, as this is his first offence.