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Valorant G.U.N skin collection revealed: All weapon skins, cost, and release date

The latest skin collection for Valorant brings a decidedly sci-fi feel to proceedings.
Valorant G.U.N skin collection revealed: All weapon skins, cost, and release date

Another week, another Valorant skin collection this time we are transported back in time with a collection of weapon skins "inspired by space exploration and scientific discoveries of the 1960s".Valorant g.u.n, Valorant G.U.N skin coillection, Valorant Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster
(Picture: Riot Games)

The skin collection which has been given the name G.U.N or Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster to give it its full name is inspired by much of those sci-fi shows your dad watched on a Sunday morning, think Star Trek and the original Battlestar Galactica and you wouldn't be far off.

When will the G.U.N skin collection be released?

The G.U.N will be available to purchase from the 30th of September.

It will contain skins for the Classic, Bucky, Operator, Spectre and Knife. Bought as a collection it will come with a gun buddy and likely player card too.

How much will it cost?

Full pricing has yet to be released but according to DEXERTO, each individual skin will be 1,775VP which puts it in the Premium Edition tier of skins.

The melee or knife will likely cost 3,550 VP.

If the pricing stays consistent that would make this bundle cost 7,100.

All G.U.N weapon skins


Valorant G.U.N weapon collection Classic


g.u.n valorant weapon bundle bucky


gun spectre valorant skin collection sci-fi


g.u.n weapon collection operator


Valorant g.u.n, Valorant G.U.N skin collection, Valorant Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster