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Valorant Haven map disabled in competitive due to exploit

Developer Riot Games has disabled Valorant's Haven map they became aware of an exploit.
Valorant Haven map disabled in competitive due to exploit

Riot Games continues to improve on their recently released FPS title Valorant. With every new competitive title, there are bound to be some exploits. The latest Valorant exploring using Reyna on the Haven map has forced Riot Games to disable the map from the competitive queue.


Valorant Haven map disabled

In the early hours of the morning on 1st July, Riot decided it was about time to disable the Haven map from Valorant's competitive queue. 

The developer has been made aware of a Valorant exploit using the agent Reyna on Haven, which simply gives players too much of an advantage.



At the time of writing, Riot Games has not given an exact time frame for the return of Haven to Valorant competitive.


Valorant Haven exploit Reyna competitive
A safe haven for Reyna mains (Picture: Epic Games)


Exploits could take quite a while to fix, so if Haven is your favourite map, just sit tight until the developer fixes the issue.


What is the Reyna Haven exploit?

While the Reyna Haven exploit in Valorant is a bit difficult to pull off, enough players seem to be abusing it for Riot Games to step in. 

The exploit allows Reyna to vanish from the C Site underneath the map. This allows her to freely plant the bomb, and get away without being seen or getting into the line of fire. This means it is basically a free round win for her team. 

Players need to carry the bomb with Reyna onto C Site on Haven, also killing an enemy in the process all while near the boxes on the left side of the area. Then, you need to use her Dismiss ability to clip through the elevator to get to the safe haven...

While this exploit is difficult to replicate, it isn't impossible either, which means it needs to be patched as soon as possible. If you are waiting for Riot Games to fix Haven, then you can always spend some time watching the latest episode of our Lockdown video series.


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