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Valorant Ignition Battle Pass: Skins, cost, tier list and more

Find out everything in the battle pass including the skins, price and how you can unlock everything!
Valorant Ignition Battle Pass: Skins, cost, tier list and more

The official launch of Valorant is upon us and with that, the first battle pass is now out. The Ignition Battle Pass has tons of skins and cosmetics to unlock and will be a must-buy for many players. 


Ignition Battle Pass
(Picture: Riot Games)


However, don't worry if you don't quite have the money to purchase the pass as there is also a free battle pass to work through as well.

There will be 50 tiers to unlock in the Ignition Battle Pass, with each tier unlocking a Spray, Card, Gun Buddy, Weapon Skin or Radianite Points.

There are 12 weapon skins in total to collect, with the Kingdom Bucky the first one. On top of that, there are 130 Radiante Points to pick up which can be used to "evolve certain weapon skins."

Grinding Battle Passes is one of gaming most rewarding activities so check out below all the skins available in the battle pass and the tier you will unlock them at.

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How much does the Ignition Battle Pass cost?

The Ignition Battle Pass will cost 1000 Valorant Points or $10, there is also a free pass which contains fewer unlockables for those unable or unwilling to purchase.

Players can purchase individual tiers for 300 VPs.


If I complete this battle pass do I get the next one?

No, unlike the Fortnite and Apex Legends battle passes you can't earn enough Valorant Points (or any in fact) to unlock the next pass, and it has some players pretty disappointed.

You will unlock Radiante points but these can only be used to "upgrade" weapon skins you already own.


How long does it take to complete the battle pass?

According to Riot the battle pass will take 100 hours to complete. Each pass or "Act" as Riot refer to them will last for 2 months.


Ignition Battle Pass Skins


The Battle Pass has three different sets of skins including Kingdom, Couture and Dot Exe. Kingdom runs from Tier 1 to 50, Couture from 5 to 20 and Dot Exe from 30 to 45.


Kingdom Skins

Kingdom Buckie igniton battle pass


Available at Tier 1.


Couture Phantom Valorant Battle Pass Ignition Battle pass skins


Available at Tier 25.


Available at tier 50 kingdom knife


Available at Tier 50.


Kingdom Classic

Available at Tier 50, pert of the free battle pass.



Couture Skins

Coutre Sprectre


Available at Tier 5.


Courture Stinger Valorant Ignition Battle pass skins cost price


Available at Tier 15.


Frenzy couture skin available at tier 16 valorant battle pass skins


Available at Tier 16.


Couture Marshall


Available at Tier 20.




Dot Exe Skins

Dot Exe Odin


Available at Tier 30.


Dot Exe Ghost Skin


Available at Tier 35.


Dot Exe Judge Tier 40

Available at Tier 40.


Dot Exe Vandal


Available at Tier 45.