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Valorant July 2021 Night Market: Schedule and how to access

Here's your chance to get some premium Valorant skins for cheap via the Night Market.
Valorant July 2021 Night Market: Schedule and how to access

While Valorant's initial entry barrier is super low with the game being free to play, if you want to click heads with style, premium skins are usually a bit pricey -- here's where Night Market comes in.

Night Market is Riot's way to offer small (or really good if you're lucky) discounts on some of the game's most luxurious cosmetics, being available for a set period of time with little to no prior announcement from the developers. 

With the last Night Market taking place back in early June, fans eagerly anticipated another pop-up shop of sorts to appear, with Riot announcing on the 28th that a new one was live on that same day.

Valorant July 2021 Night Market: Schedule

valorant night market
(Picture: Riot Games)

The July 2021 Night Market went live on 28th July and will be available for players to access until 10th August.

What skins are available on the Night Market?

We don't know! The Night Market contents and discounts are random and differ from player to player. 

How to access Night Market

night market how to
(Picture: Riot Games)

You don't have to jump any hoops and loops to see your Night Market offers, simply click on the card that appears next to the store tab and you'll be able to see your own offers.

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