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Valorant leaks reveal timeouts, deathmatch mode and left-handed models coming to game soon

Leaked files also suggest an Xbox release is in the works.
Valorant leaks reveal timeouts, deathmatch mode and left-handed models coming to game soon

Valorant v1.03 is hours or days away, we don't quite know yet, what we do know though is what will be contained in that update with Riot already releasing the patch notes revealing a new overtime feature coming to ranked games, a price reduction for the Guardian, and a number of QoL updates just some of what is dropping.

We also have the imminent release of the first Ultra Edition skin collection - Elderflame - scheduled to hit the store today, 10th July. The skin collection has proved controversial both for its price and for what some perceive as a slightly OTT design.


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(Picture: Riot Games)


All-in-all it's far from the biggest update, but thanks to Valorant data miners we can have a sneak peek at features which are, very likely, coming to the game soon.

Now, of course, we say very likely, because these might never make it to the game, but the validity of the files and their being in the game is not really in question as the source ValorantExpress has reliably provided information in the past, and also gave us a look at the complete Elderflame skin collection, and the first look at what could be Valorant's 12th agent, which is currently going by the name Killjoy.

So first up is a feature that has been requested since the game was released into closed beta and should be making its way into the game soon - the ability to timeout! Yes, ladies and gentleman soon you will be able to go for a pee or make a cup of tea.

ValorantExpress was able to find several lines of code that point to a timeout feature which will allow your time to call a timeout. It appears times will have a set amount of timeouts and will have to wait a certain amount of rounds after successfully calling one, to do it again, reducing the chances of it being used to grief. 


calling a time out in Valorant
(Picture: ValorantExpress)


Also in the files was hints that left-handed models were coming to the game, a feature that the developers have previously expressed an interest in implementing during a developer's Q and A.

The much-requested deathmatch mode could soon be coming to the game, with several files pointing to an FFA (Free-For-All) game mode, with Ascent possibly in line to be the first map the game mode is available on.


Ascent FFA Valorant deathmade mode
(Picture: ValorantExpress)


Also found were files suggesting that players who spend an undetermined amount of time away from the game will have their account moved to an unranked state. With player's needing to play a series of games, perhaps depending on length of time away, to restore their rank.


Valorant rank reset after inactivity


Also in the leaks were files showing that the developers are actively working on making the game run on the Xbox One, so this is hardly surprising as Riot have previously confirmed that they are looking into the possibility of a console port. There were also files showing that more Spike Orbs are coming to the game showing that Riot are far from finished from the quick-fire game mode.

When these leaked features make it into the game, we can give you no definitive answers but based on previous leaks and the smaller nature of some these updates we can guess that it is likely to drop at some point during the month of July.