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Valorant leaks suggest timeout feature coming to game

It would give teams the ability to pause the game for tactics or comfort breaks.
Valorant leaks suggest timeout feature coming to game

Files found included in the new Valorant v2.05 update suggest a timeout, similar to that found in CS:GO, is coming to Riot's tactical shooter.

The files, discovered by prominent Valorant data miner @ValorLeaks, reveal that players will be able to type "/to" or "/timeout" into chat which will prompt a vote at the start of the next round.

Players in your team will be able to vote for a timeout. Teams will not be able to vote for a timeout directly after one has been called and there will be a maximum, as yet unidentified, number of timeouts in any one game.

Such a feature has long been mooted and it seems that its arrival is imminent though, at least according to the v2.05 patch notes, it won't be in the coming update.

Riot is currently running a bi-weekly update schedule so the earliest we are likely to see this is on the 30th of March.

The developers have been continually looking at quality-of-life changes and additions that could be made to the game and in a similar vein introduced overtime and a match draw system back in July, interesting to note that addition also missed being in the original patch notes before being included in the next available update.

QoL changes are the focus of v2.05 with increased penalties for toxic players and those that go AFK before (in Agent selection) and during matches.