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Valorant: New map with codename Canyon leaked

A new Valorant map codenamed Canyon has been leaked by data miners that Riot might add in the future, and here are the complete details about it.
Valorant: New map with codename Canyon leaked

In July 2021, Riot Games released Valorant Year One Anthem, in which a floating island was spotted that was rumoured to be the new upcoming map in the game. 

Now, it looks like those rumours are true as recently, the data miners have discovered a game file called "Canyon", which could be the code name for the upcoming map in Valorant.


In addition to this, the Testing Grounds player card also showcases a landscape with a rock mountain that resembles the Grand Canyon in Arizona in the United States’ Southwestern region. 

New Valorant map Canyon leaked
Grand Canyon in Arizona in USA resembles the Canyon map. (Picture: LucasHeplerPhotography / Shutterstock)Picture: Riot Games)

Not only this, but if you look closely at the Testing Grounds player card, you will find a structure behind the mountains on both sides that will resemble the shape of the structure shown in the image from Year One Anthem.

Valorant new map Canyon leaked
The landscape in Testing Grounds player card was teased by Riot in Year One Anthem. (Picture: Riot Games)

Earlier, Riot teased Breeze map in the "Lost at Sea" player card, and they might be doing the same thing again, although an official confirmation is yet to arrive.

As of now, there are no leaks or any other information regarding Canyon, including its release date, layout etc. however, it might get released in Valorant Episode 3 Act 3. Since the map is rumoured to be in development, it is unlikely to release in Episode 3 Act 2.

If any more information regarding Canyon gets available, we will update that in this article.

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